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Background of the project

The Project aims to serve to the needy in those remote areas which are deprived of the modern facilities and exposure of the contemporary India. People living in the metro cities or urban setup are privileged enough to enjoy the things even beyond luxuries. But even today in India there are people whose wish list is as small as bare minimum Food, clothing and shelter. We at ABDSS guided by the philosophy and spirit of Arya Samaj believe in extending and sharing our privileges with the society and particularly the needy. Thus we have started with the A Project Sahyog,Sewa Sadopyog” a Cloth bank to serve the needy for their basic needs clothes. So the dumped and the unused heaps of your clothes in your cupboards and storerooms can wrap around someone to whom it’s not fashion statement but the cover for his bare body.

What we expect?

  • You can put the piles of clothes dumped in your almirah to a good use by donating them.
  • Don’t exchange them for a few spoons or utensils… can get happiness for others instead.
  • Donate them and do your contribution of help to society….it’s your share of giving back.
  • Call us and we will collect the clothes from your doorstep and after any required alteration or process will deliver to the doorstep of the needy.

What we do?

  • Collect clothes form our centers/direct homes and after their proper care and assortment make the packages to be delivered to areas/ organizations/ centers in the remote areas from where it directly reaches to the needy individuals.
    An opportunity for you to do good to others….please call +91-11-27015874
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What We Expect