Akhil Bharatiya Dayanand Sewashram Sangh has been running hostels (Gurukuls) across the country for socially and economically deprived students. The children are given boarding and lodging free of cost. The organization also bears the cost of their formal education at either schools run by the organization or private/government schools in the area. Apart from facilitating formal education, the organization also gets the children trained in various vocations. In Delhi, a large number of students are enrolled in the SM Arya Public School, thanks to the philanthropy of the owners of the school. The running of the hostels is totally by donations received. The list of hostels run by the organization, state wise, is as under:


  1. Arya Gurukul, Ranibagh – 70 students
  2. Shanti devi Arya Gurukul, Sainik Vihar – 70 students
  3. Arya Gurukul, Dayanand Vihar – 11 students
  4. Arya Gurukul Tihar Gram – 27 students

  1. Maharishi Dayanand Balak Ashram, Antarvalia, Jhabua – 30 students
  2. Maharishi Dayanand Van Kanya Ashram, Thandla, Jhabua – 40 students
  3. Dharampal Balak Chatrawas, Bamaniya, Jhabua – 35 students
  4. Maharishi Dayanand Balak Chatrawas, Thandla, Jhabua – 60 students
  5. Maharishi Dayanand Balak Chatrawas, Kakanvani, Jhabua – 20 students
  6. Maharishi Dayanand Balak Chatrawas, Sarwan, Ratlam – 20 students
  7. Maharishi Dayanand Balak Chatrawas, Kunda, Ratlam – 20 students
  8. Mahashay Rajiv MDH Dayanand Vidhya Niketan,Bamnia – Under Construction

  1. Maharshi Dayanand Sevashram, Banswara – 40 students
  2. Maharishi Dayanand Sewa Ashram, Kushalgarh – 36 students

  1. ST Boys Hostel, Bokajan,Karbi Anaglong, Bokajan – 75 students
  2. ST Girls, Hostel, Bokajan, Karbi Anglang, Bokajan – 50 students
  3. ST Boys Hostel, Japrajan,,Karbi Anaglang, japrajan – 50 students
  4. ST Boys Hostel, Diphu,Karbi Anagalang, Diphu – 50 students
  5. Shri Prithviraj Shastri Boys Hostel, Dhansree – 88 students
  6. Mata Prem Lata Girls Hostel, Dhansree – 14 Students
  7. Boys Hostel, Sarupthar, Golaghat

  1. ST Boys Hostel, Nahar Bari, Dimapur – 50 students

Educate a boy, and you educate an individual. Educate a girl, and you educate a community. – Adelaide Hoodless